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Hey, my name is Jake Poznanski. I co-created this site with Eric Marion. Together, we wrote the CMS from scratch to provide a very community-oriented site. I am an admin on the site, so send an Email or a PM if you are having any troubles or suggestions about the site. My main goal is to bring together the TI-Community in a unique way through ti-news.net. I also run http://www.spotdev.net, which is a site about Microsoft's SPOT devices. (http://www.msndirect.com)

The content below is from the site's 2003-2005 archived content.

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Take part in Google' S 2006 Summer of Code
Grabbed from Ti-Fr.com English Translation on 25-Apr-2006 10:04:13am
Google' S 2006 Summer of Code makes it possible to students to work during the summer on an open project source, while being paid (on the whole 4500 $ - is approximately 3600 € - if the project is concluded).
See the page dedicated to Summer of Code to know the various ideas suggested of project to which you are invited to contribute.

Which relationship with TIs will say to me?
It is possible to work on a project related to TIs, by the means of Detached Solutions .
For the moment the majority of the ideas suggested are turned towards Ti-z80, but you can also propose your ideas.

Thus if you galérez to find you a job of summer and that you are student, réflechissez with this alternative!


Participez au Google's 2006 Summer of Code
Grabbed from Ti-Fr.com on 25-Apr-2006 10:04:13am
Le Google's 2006 Summer of Code permet à des étudiants de travailler pendant l'été sur un projet open source, tout en étant payé (au total 4500 $ - soit environ 3600 € - si le projet est mené à bien).
Voyez la page dédiée au Summer of Code pour connaître les différentes idées proposées de projet auxquels vous êtes invités à contribuer.

Quel rapport avec les TIs me direz vous ?
Il est possible de travailler sur un projet lié aux TIs, par le biais de Detached Solutions.
Pour l'instant la plupart des idées proposées sont tournées vers les TI-z80, mais vous pouvez également proposer vos idées.

Donc si vous galérez pour vous trouver un job d'été et que vous êtes étudiant, réflechissez à cette alternative !


TI-BANK lance les Petites Annonces
Grabbed from TI-BANK News on 24-Apr-2006 7:46:00pm

Un nouveau salon sur le forum vient d'être ouvert.
Il vous permet de vendre et d'acheter des calculatrices d'occasion mais aussi du matériel informatique, des livres, des jeux PC, DVD, etc...
Lisez bien les règles du salon qui sont très précises et strictes.
N'hésitez-pas à déposer vos annonces de ventes et d'achat dès maintenant !

We are hiring
Grabbed from Omnimaga on 24-Apr-2006 2:52:00pm
The forums being officially back online, we are still hiring new programmers willing to join our programming team and contribute to this community. If you are interested register an account on the forums and send me an email to o m n i m a g a @ g m a i l . c o m or a private message here on the forums with some work of what you have done so far or screenshots or features of what you are working on at the moment and for which platform you are programming. It can be also on AIM, MSN, ICQ or IRC if I am online.

We accept programmers for TI calculators for any programming language, as well as PC game programmers/makers. Staff need to be active of course. Don't be shy and contact me if you are interested in joining our team. smile.gif


Massive Progress
Grabbed from Omnimaga on 22-Apr-2006 3:37:00pm

Yay for the first news article and there sure is a lot of progress to get posting about.

Erktheorc from Maxcoderz has made progress on his RPG, Dragon Song. Although he doesn't have much time to code it anymore, he still manages to make some progress. Here is the latest screenie he released.


He hopes to release a demo version of the game very soon. The latest progress for this project can be seen here.
CDI has also made a completly new version of FFR, Flash Flash Revolution: Calc Remix 3. Unlike his previous versions, this one uses 8x8 tiles instead of 16x16. He currently has the main engine done as well as random arrow game play, and plans on adding such features as downloadable song packs, a 2-player battle option, and custom songs. Here is a screenie


JFISH, a new Omnimaga member, has made lots of progress on his new project, FATE RPG. This project uses 16x16 tiles but still uses 8x8 tilemapper to allow for smoother scrolling. The game is loosely based off of Norse Mythology. Here are some screenies.

useruseruser user

This project looks really promising..and we hope to see even more progress on it soon. Check out the forum here.

It has finally arrived. Rivereye has released a demo of his game, Rivereye RPG. The demo features the battle and walking engines completed, although the battle engine doesn't have animations *yet*.

Spengo has also made progress on his game, GTAvocado. The game starts out slow, and gradually speeds up. It has many obstacle cars as well as police cars. Here is the latest screenie:


Other than a few bugs, spengo says this game is almost finished. The latest progress can be found in the forums.

Necro is also working on an awesome puzzle game at the moment. Here is a screenshot:


Lastest progress can be found in the forums.

I'm sure I forgot a lot of projects...I'll be posting another news article later with more projects. If you feel your project has news-worthy progress...please pm me.

The 86er
Grabbed from RevSoft.org on 22-Apr-2006 12:00:00am
Revsoft still grows with a new staff member, burntfuse! Yet another member from the sadly departed EPS joins, he brings with him operation neptune and his IDE. I am especially glad to welcome burntfuse because he supported us from the very beginning, back when so many other groups bit the dust.

Let's all give him a warm welcome!



FATE RPG en progression
Grabbed from TI-BANK News on 21-Apr-2006 12:58:00pm
Voici une pluie de superbes screens d'un RPG pour 83+/84+ appelé FATE RPG dont une première démo devrait sortir bientôt :
image image image
image image

Visitez le forum officiel :
New SC2 Beta Features
Grabbed from Cemetech on 21-Apr-2006 12:00:00am
Since the last official beta, SourceCoder 2 has gained three new and exciting features:
  •  Code block/conditional indenting
  •  Open/close loop count verification
  •  Fixed optimization percentage
SourceCoder now has the option to indent blocks of looping and conditional code, including For, While, Repeat, Then, End, etc. Each "opening" tag adds additional indenting, while "closing" tags removes that indenting. SC2 will also detect the number of opening and closing tags and warn you if you have a mismatched number of each. Finally, I have fixed the pesky bug that caused SourceCoder to occasionally report a negative %optimization when it had indeed made optimizations to a program. You can view the second beta here:

SourceCoder2 Beta 2:
Google's Summer of Code + Detached Solutions = US$4,500
Grabbed from CalcGames.org on 19-Apr-2006 10:14:16pm

I didn't want to tell you this (for fear of lessening my own odds), but Google is holding their Summer of Code again this year. To boot, Detached Solutions is a >mentor this year. (In case you missed it, Dan Englender had a project last year, and was successful in getting the US$4,500 and t-shirt.) They have some ideas for projects that you may want to work on. Also, source code to MirageOS and all of their other programs has been released.

If you wish to apply to work on a project (being mentored by Dan, or Michael Vincent or perhaps some other member of Detached Solutions) for Detached Solutions or any of the other mentoring organizations, fill out a proposal on Google's Summer of Code site beginning on May the first. Note that you must be 18 years of age or older and a student at an accredited college or university. Please see the Student FAQ if you have any questions.

Summer of Code
Detached Solutions on 17-Apr-2006 12:00:00am
We are happy to announce that Detached Solutions will be a mentoring organization in Google's 2006 Summer of Code. In support of Google's noble aims, we will be opening the source for more of our applications soon. Also check back soon for information on project ideas and application guidelines. We hope to see many exciting applications!

UPDATE: Please see our SoC webpage for project ideas and application guidelines.
No Link or Discussions Available for this news post
Grabbed from Ti-Fr.com on 15-Apr-2006 9:15:33pm
ExtendeD vient de sortir Ti-Vibe, un petit programme permettant de produire du son d'une qualité jusqu'à présent inégalée sur TI-68k (l'équivalent de Real Sound des TI-z80).

L'archive vient avec tous les outils nécessaires pour convertir ses propres mp3 ou wav pour TI.

Plus d'informations sur le topic consacré à ce projet.
Grabbed from Ti-Fr.com English Translation on 15-Apr-2006 9:15:33pm
ExtendeD has just left Ti-Vibe, a small program making it possible to produce sound of an unequalled quality until now on Ti-68k (the equivalent of Real Sound of Ti-z80).

The file comes with all the tools necessary to convert its clean mp3 or wav for TI.

TI annonce la TI-82 Stats Fr pour cet été
Grabbed from TI-BANK News on 14-Apr-2006 3:19:00pm
Texas Instruments introduira cet été (en France) la première calculatrice graphique tout en français pour le lycée, la TI-82 Stats.Fr.

Elle sera disponible dans tous les magasins et hypermarchés en France et elle sera sans nul doute la star de la rentrée scolaire pour les élèves entrant en seconde ou en Bac pro.

Reste à voir s'il s'agit d'une évolution directe de la TI-82 Stats déjà vendue, d'une simple déclinaison en français ou bien d'une version entièrement revue.

Quoiqu'il en soit, l'été est proche. Nous serons bientôt fixés.
TI-BANK vous informera bien sûr de nouvelles informations sur cette nouvelle TI.


3 programmes
Grabbed from Espace TI 83 Plus & TI 84 Plus on 13-Apr-2006 7:41:00pm
Comme annoncé la semaine dernière, voici la mise à jour de Supra Maths, vous pouvez télécharger la version 2.80.

Un nouveau jeu de Basic Réflexion, TiBiZi, fait son entrée, et vous retrouverez toujours dans la logithèque un programme vous proposant 7 économiseurs d'écran : Ondecran.

À venir prochainement : un programme de mécanique pour terminale STI.